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if pep is choice, is getting a non playcalling oc a concern?

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  • He's a pretty attractive commodity right now and he does have a good resume. He was contacted at the end of last season for the open OC position at Alabama. I'm not sure whether he interviewed for it or not but the fact that there was interest says something. If there is any truth to some of these assistants actually contacting VT for a potential opening (not saying Hamilton is one of them), I think it says a lot about Frank Beamer, the school, the Blacksburg area (voted as a great place to live/raise a family), and other things. In a day where you have 2 yrs to deliver or you're gone in a lot of places, I'm sure it would be a breath of fresh air to work for Frank Beamer compared to some of these coaches. Money isn't everything. Quality of life definitely fits into anyone's equation (though Palo Alto would be a hell of a nice place to live).

  • One thing I love about Stanford/the 49ers under Harbaugh is they play intelligent smashmouth football. What I mean by that is they do a lot of little wrinkles within their inside running game that mess with the defense's gap integrity and create numbers mismatches and allow for easy big gains and more consistent yardage. Two of our biggest issues were failure to gain good chunks of yards on 1st and 2nd down (due to too many 0 or - rushes) putting us in 3rd and longs, and inability to convert 3rd and short. Under Harbaughs coaching tree Stanford has been superb in those areas.

    We have also been pretty poor overall at scheming players open and giving our QB's high percentage throws. LT definitely didn't have a great year, but our offense in general has never been good at allowing our QB's high completion %. While Luck was a superb player, he had a LOT more instances where he was throwing to a wide open player in one season than I would bet LT has had in 2 seasons. See the Orange Bowl for evidence of their TE's running downfield untouched, or the infamous "Spider 3 Y Banana" segment with Jon Gruden. That was a simple play they went to many times and could rely on to get almost guaranteed yardage. Can you think of a single bread and butter play our offense has had that fits the same bill? We have done a very poor job of making it easy on our players to put drives together and move down the field. I would be very excited to get a guy like Pep on board so that everyone would see you don't have to reinvent the wheel or take huge risks or run 80 different formations with pre snap motion to confuse the defense just to move the ball.

  • Agree with you on need to convert 3rd downs. It's been our short yardage (play calling and/or execution) and 2nd down play calling that has been disastrous. Check out the lame 2nd down calls over the course of a game and it will blow your mind. Routinely puts us behind the chains.

  • I just dont think we recruit well to what we are trying to do. We want to run the football yet we are not very good at developing OL talent and recruiting TE's. We try to get a bunch of big athletic guys and then "coach em up" but we arent able to knock anyone off the football. When you cant run the football when you want to you better be really good at passing. We weren't good at either, and then on top of it we don't have a playcaller to help us get easy yards by exploiting mis-matches.. I wonder if pep came if he could use our personnel to run his scheme