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Quick ACC/SEC thought...

  • I'm on record as saying that I believe the ACC is the place for us... especially after the ND news yesterday. However (and I'll be brief, since ppl are at work still):

    -Still see people throwing out SEC still... I honestly respect their views and always read what they have to say.

    -$50 Million exit fee now pretty much makes the "ACC" logo paint wherever we use it as permanent; we could just do tattoos now I guess (j/k).

    -Vanderbilt, althought being an SEC school, fits the ACC profile moreso in my opinion than it does an SEC school. I live in this area, and work with ALOT of Vandy folks. The fans for once, are really motivated and want to get better... they're buying lock, stock, and barrel what Franklin is selling.

    -There is no ACC footprint in TN.... but there is already an alternate SEC footprint in TN (Knoxville).... There is no SEC footprint in VA... but there is an alternate ACC footprint in Virginia (UVA).

    ****Question: Could there ever be a scenario where the ACC and SEC, by wanting to expand their TV footprint/recruiting, and also both schools wanting to switch conferences to keep their interests in mind, with a deal where no exit fees are charged, where Vanderbilt and VT trade for each other's slot within their respective conferences? Vanderbilt is already in the SEC East where we would geographically be a fit for the SEC IMO. Vanderbilt will honestly have a better shot at becoming a better football team in an easier conference and will retain the "academics" portion that they love, and trust me they make a VERY BIG DEAL ABOUT THAT... Vandy will also have a chance to "build up" their football team faster/easier than they would if they remained in the SEC.

    -Was thinking about it this morning as I read a few "SEC" posts, and that hairbrain idea just popped in my head. I'm actually extremely glad that we're starting to reel in the big ND tuna, and stabilize the ACC conference. I think it's what's best long term for VT. I used to think something like this would never happen, because it sounds like something from fantasy land... I also would never have thought that Nebraska would switch conferences with their storied program, or I would see an SEC logo at Texas A&M.

  • Respect your creativity, but this would never happen. VT would not be the one to rock the boat nor - with ND involved now - give up the opportunity to leave, as our AD stated, a bus league and travel across the greater southeast.

    I would like to get one more quality team into the league with ND - but it's slim pickins out there. Rutgers is perhaps the only school (which was suggested to the league by ESPN by the way) that has both the geographic footprint for TV markets, the stadium size and the academic reputation to be a good fit for our conference.

    Check this report - find a school in the top 70 - and then look at their location and football pedigree and you'll see what I mean - there's not many choices.

    U Conn & Rutgers are the highest ranked with the best fit. But, UConn isn't going to carry the Boston market nor the NYC market, they're Hartford and New Haven. Rutgers gets all of New Jersey, and parts of Philly and New York City. Which with the ACC now having ND, Syracuse, Miami and with Rutgers...the ACC would OWN NYC TVs for football viewing. Can't you see ESPN salivating...

    If you want to get funky - SMU and Tulane are out there, Dallas and N.O., respectively, but there's really no fit there.

    So, IMO, it's going to be Rutgers to the ACC with ND'll see that the ND/UConn games which had been scheduled at the Meadowlands will now be Rutgers/ND or Syracuse/ND games at the Meadowlands.

    You might see Miami/ND games in NYC as well. ESPN is right next to Storrs/Hartford and they don't even care about UConn - they know there's no viewers there.

    Louisville isn't a Tier One school - so, IMO - they're out. Plus, I think they're a better fit in the Big12, which is where they'll likely go, with Cincy and SMU when the chips all fall. Again, JMO. But having Cincy and Louisville put a bridge out there to WVU, which is right now in no mans land. SMU and TCU belong in the same conference...

    So - a long post to match yours, but I'd be surprised if we're not looking at Rutgers when it's all said and done.

    I've also heard Navy - while in Annapolis - still a National brand. And I'd lobby hard for Penn State - with their natural and cultural fit to the east and their history of being an independent program ala ND. But that's a pipe dream.

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  • Took a look at your link... good point. Just throwing it out there. Again, I'm more in a "relief" state in regards to ND coming onboard, and from MY perspective agree with what you said. Just thought it would be interesting to put this hairbrained thought I had on the screen and get opinions.

    BTW, I too would hope that Penn State said... "screw it... let's start over" type attitude and would leave the Big Ten and join the ACC. Say what you will, the program obviously has a black eye, but it will be back... it's just a matter of when, and also, if the ACC is interested in taking advantage of that, and offering Penn State and opportunity to start over...

    Question is, would Penn State take that opportunity... wow... just noticed I'm kinda going all over the map here... my bad. I'll go take my medicine now.

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  • ONe that thanks TEXAS cannot get out of the BIG 12 loop may be kidding themselves. TIes with ND to. Just saying.....

  • We'd give Texas the same deal ND got in a heart beat...but I don't think they would leave the other Texas schools in a nothing conf

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  • Ughh. I hate having 14.5 schools in the ACC. And when every conference moves to 16 (it's only a matter of time) The ACC will be stuck with half a school that has all the benefits of an ACC school without the revenue.

  • Possibly. Or, ND finally moves in.

  • I think Hell freezes over first. But we'll see.

  • IMHO the raise in the exit fee told us all something else is about to happen. May be 3 to 5 years down the road. ND give up alot by scheduling this many games against ACC IMHO.

  • There's a cold breeze a blowing...


    Allow me to expound a bit. ND was the first to get the TV deal. A deal, over the past few years, that has lost value as regionalism and the advent of ESPN 3 etc. has allowed viewers to deviate from the "national game of the week". When you're only selling one or two Saturday games a week, it makes sense to partner with ND as with independence and their ties to so many big time programs, they can guarantee you a good TV match up. But, now that I can get VT vs. Austin Peay on the ole computer, I'm not watching the game of the week, I'm watching "my team". So that's one, but two is that ND is still a marquee name which pulls, though perhaps not enough to cover the costs of their former deal. I was told by my UMD buddy, when you take the ACC and ADD IN ND as a bonus partner - well now you're talking value there.

    So, go back to ND's deal. They only get the TV deal on their HOME games. And only through 2015 when there deal rund out. So, what if the ACC games are scheduled at their site - not ND's... Well, ND doesn't get the rights - the ACC does. Now go back and check the schedule and see in 2013 where ND is playing...They only have one ACC game on the schedule.

    So if they add 4 - it looks like they'll probably be screwed - b/c - I don't see who you're gonna cut to get to 4 more. Maybe 2 more - but not 4...

    We might not see them until 2014...They have 'Cuse and Pitt already on the schedule. They'd need to cut Temple, they've already cut UConn and then cut Rice at the end of the year and bingo. I see three of those games as being "home" for the existing ACC team. Those TV rights are the ACCs... Plus the ACC team gets paid by being ND's opponent when they play them at home.

    It's a good deal - and, btw - if you don't think that Swofford and crew had this all planned out when we added 'Cuse and Pitt - who both already had game series' locked in with ND, then you missed the strategy of this. I bring this up to inspire confidence that - yes, Virginia Tech - the ACC guys (in this case anyhow) do know what they're doing. Everything has been set up to get ND in w/ the ACC for good.

  • Nice job Enter Night. I think what most of us tend to forget at times is that there are a bunch of very smart people who's job is to figure every angle of a deal like this. The ACC has their committee that hears the voice of all current schools. It's not like those schools gave this idea/proposal to one man. All schools I'm sure had a team assembled to dissect everything obsessively. I don't have a clue but I like the odds of this working in the ACC's favor simply because it was 14 teams to 1.

  • ND will never join in football, they just don't have to. 5 ACC games isn't much when they are already playing 3 to 4 ACC teams a year. We won't pick another team because ND isn't a football member and another team would just make the division unbalanced.

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  • Enter Night, I was reading your post about who the ACC's 16th member might be, and how logically, Rutgers is about the only real option. I agree with you that the ACC wants the NYC market. In terms of basketball, the NYC market is still Big East country. But if the ACC gets equal footing there (or even becomes the mainstay), then the Big East will be toast as far as a football AND basketball program, IMO. Okay, Big East basketball may still survive, but they will be marginalized by an ACC basketball conference with ND, Pitt, Syracuse and Rutgers commanding the NYC market.
    Rutgers would really be a key territory to capture to make that happen. I think of Rutgers like Midway Island in WWII.
    Now, seeing as how vital Rutgers could be as a tool to give the ACC power at the big boy table with the other power conferences, I could see the BIG go after Rutgers as an additional member to get them up to 16 teams. Rutgers' value could skyrocket, IMO.
    I'll be interested to see how all of this shakes out.

  • Rutgers does nothing for us in football and most could care less about basketball.

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    People sleep soundly in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on their behalf.

  • Marine. I feel your angst reaching out through time and space. I don't think anyone really "wants" Rutgers. They just bring the most viewers "cable households" into the revised ESPN deal and that's how the ACC will cash in.

    But, lemme axe u dis, if we HAVE TO get a 16th member - who do you want?

  • Louisville with academic improvement and Coach Strong

  • Or PSU which is a very long

  • ND may end up in the ACC for football but the President said the deal with the ACC allowed them to keep their TV deal for football. So we still have to wait and see.

    I don't think the door to the SEC for VT will be closed until the SEC goes to 16. The SEC and VT together could do whatever they want, and I'm sure anything could be worked out. Not saying that will happen, but I don't think anything can be ruled out right now. jmo