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N-A-V-Y spells Notre Dame - here you go...

  • First thing, Thank You for sharing all this info. that you brought and I can't understand why you got down votes for it. You didn't from me. And I guess as VT fans , we got to except what it is, ACC, until it folds or some of the bigger teams leave. Being bigger, Fla.State, Clemson and I don't see that happening any time soon. IMHO, the ACC has always been the place for VT , and I see all the movement by conferences taking teams to get to that magic number to make them Super in the eyes of TV money. Which is Why all of this happening. Like Enter Night stated, ESPN doesn't want the ACC to fold But to stay strong and get to that number of teams for the TV Moneys. I believe what you stated Enter Night and I think ND will get the Future picture also...MONEY and ACC. Remember that this is about Money...not fans.

  • Rumors are fun but notre dame is not joining the acc full time. I understand its an option...Swofford has to have a plan or he's the commish that ruined the acc. Which he is and will be despite his last gasp efforts. You're hearing what he wants...which would equal what the great Jim mora calls 'diddly poo'.

    Order of future events...
    Decision on Maryland buyout
    Next school jumps
    Massive reshuffle
    Fork in's done

    And FSU and Clemson don't prefer the big 12 over the sec but they do over the acc. Those sneaky bastards are trying to present numbers on why the sec shod take them over us and a North Carolina school. We better hope the hotties in the front row of doak walker aren't making that presentation. If they thought they had no chance at the sec, they'd be gone already.

  • One thing for sure ND has two choices , Not join a conference or Join a Conference. They tied knots with the ACC early this year , More than they Have in their past. the College Football World is going to a 4 Team playoff and It will come from these Super Conferences. ND better find a home, Cause the Voters that makes the polls will be from somewhere in theses conferences. Plus ESPN will have a backdoor input. Like It or Not, ND will be joining up and since they have signed that "50 Million" pact with the ACC, I think it will be in our Conference, they have More ties to the whole East Coast than what people think.

  • Waiting for ND is futile and turns my stomach...unlike VT, ND will most definitely do what is best for ND. As much as I dislike ND...them making the BCS title game this year may help us. (for those who want to leave the acc) If they were snubbed they might be looking to join long as they have a path to the title without playing the conf championship ND will remain independent. UNC and Duke love the current scenario of developing the basketball conference and could care less about a football championship. UNC and Duke like the idea of part-time ND...they retain their power, but have the prestige of having ND as part of the acc.

  • Only 7 conf games means a less than money than 8, yes ND would help, but you pull a game from the provider so there will not be as much as the other conf....and in case any one forgot dumbass swofford sold our 3rd tier rights....with that said I don't see this 7 game scenario saving the ACC wo 3rd tier rights. This is after all about money and keeping up with the Big and SEC, this wont so that.

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  • ND partially joined the ACC, but would not fully commit. Now, people are worried the ACC will lose key members and cease to exist, at least anywhere near it's current form. with the ACC's existence teetering in the balance, why would Notre Dame give any consideration to fully joining now? They held back in case something like what is happenening now, happened.

  • Can someone give a serious reason as to why ND would want to join the ACC as full members in the next several years? I can give lots of reasons why NOT, but can't think of a good reason they would.

    - Have proven this year they can make the top 2 without a conference. Rule changes in future prefer conf champs, but they will only need to make top 4, and tv pressure will be on to pick them.
    - Have an automatic (with decent record) shot into the Orange Bowl in times when they do not make the top 4. If part of the ACC, would need to win the league (or runner up if for some wild reason winner is in top 4) for same shot.
    - BIG tv money on next contract, in large part to recent success. No sharing.
    - Freedom of schedule.
    - Non-football sports have possibly the best home with east coast exposure.
    - Retain independent status...a very important aspect of ND football history and culture.

    I agree that Navy as partial members would make it easier on ND to join as full members, but I still can't fathom why they would WANT to. An ACC network that featured ND non-football sports heavily could maybe entice them a little, but that isn't in the works and may require uneven revenue sharing.

    Anyone? Bueller?

  • IMO if we pick up NAVY, then ND will just tell the ACC that they are one of the 5 conference games, not a 6th. ND holds all the cards, the ACC is never going to tell them what to do. If we bring in NAVY then ND will schedule 4 conference games and NAVY will be the fifth. twocents

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    Res ipsa loquitur...Let the good times roll

  • I don't think ND cares if ACC football dies as long as the current BCS/NCAA stays status quo. Even if VT, Clemson, FSU, GT, NCST, UNC, and UVA leave the conference the leftovers could still put together a strong BBall/non-rev conference. That is all ND wants.

    That said, 4 superconferences are a concern to ND. If the 4 big conference commissioners decided that they wanted the playoff to just include conference champions ND would be forced to join a conference. There is also the possibility of 4 superconferences breaking away from the NCAA, which would also force ND to join a conference.

    In those scenarios, ND would probably prefer to be in the ACC. Independence is important to them, but their relationship with the east coast (particularly NY) is important as well. They see the demographics of rust belt. They are left with the choice of "wait and see" with the possibility of being forced into a conference they don't want, or act now to secure their relationship with the East.

    Let me finish by saying that money isn't an issue for them. They could probably make as much money, if not more, by joining the ACC, assuming Swofford get his head out of his arse and creates a true ACC network.

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  • Thanks for the info. What I see. ND wants a the ACC to survive for their National brand and for their olympic sports. They like the academics too. IF the Acc falls apart....they are forced to join a B1G or Big12....which they do NOT want to do for various reason. The ND, Navy, Georgetown scenario makes sense. The Money and their Alums are the problem. Somehow they need to figure out the money....somethings got to give. FSU could leave for the SEC but I don't see The SEC doing that...yet. They have interest in Big12 but that's a lot of travel for an extra 3 million...but the Remember that they could partner up with the SUNSHINE network. It won't be the the NOLE Network....but that'll be extra 3rd tier income for them that the ACC signed away to espn and Raycom. FSU is the domino we need to keep a pulse on. Stegar needs to be on the same page with the FSU if they make a move we know about it. I do worry about a FSU/UNC to SEC scenario while it doesn't make sense to some in terms of TV market for the would be an Awesome move Branding wise. If FSU is the First invite...then the next best brand would be UNC because of BBall.

  • How would they make more money? Going from their own lucrative contract to one that has to be split with about a dozen bottom feeders.

  • Depends on how much NBC is willing to pay them. Remember that they only get ND home games. If they were to go up to $30M/year it would cost them over $4M per game. Hard to make money doing that, especially if ND were to start sucking again.

    ESPN would be willing to pay the ACC big for ND, because they get all ND home games and most road games. Its also part of an overall package so its easier to justify spending huge money. The real money is coming from these conference networks though. That is where Swofford would need to renegotiate with ESPN.

  • Jack - Didn't ND already do this before with the Big East? There's an expression that comes to mind with ND, its called blue balls...

  • ND has more reasons for the ACC to stay strong than the ACC losing a few of the majors schools. Think all sports plus Where all of this is heading, Super Conferences. ND is NOT bigger than ESPN and the four big Conferences. They have more ties to the East Coast , as I stated before, And Has made a signed deal with the ACC, $50 million deal, that they didn't with the Big East . The BE was just a place for other sports and the "right" to their top tier Bowls...IMHO, ND has found a Home, just hadn't moved all the belongs in Yet...MONEY will be the Final reason , TV Money!

  • Here's something else on this.

    If we were to get ND & Navy as full football members. We're the first conference to 16. Meaning the first of the super conferences.

    The B1G, SEC will be looking for 2 teams a piece if they're to match. B1G may look to UConn and Cinci to fill their slots - or the Big 12... Same with the SEC. There's BYU, Navy and Notre Dame which can be picked up without taking from any of the others.

    This is a zero sum game here that's being played. It's like our country right now. We're at war with Iran, but no one really wants to say that we are. But, they're funding our enemies and we're fighting them defacto.

    The B1G and SEC know this. That's why they're trying to destabilize the ACC. They need more members. However, if we beat them to to punch, then the Big 12 is up next. But, they all voted to give up their media rights - so in essence they're locked up.

    So now what. That's the Big 12, B1G, ACC, SEC, Pac12/3/4... Big East is dead.

    Can't have a 5 team playoff... Can you?

    The easiest thing for the other conferences is for the ACC to die. We are the weakest link. That's why this won't end until we lock our conference in with Notre Dame. They along (gag, I know) have the ability to stop this by joining fully with us. They do that - we renegotiate our media rights to the highest bidder and KEEP THE 3rd Tier so that we can have a ACC Network.

  • Aren't we stuck with ESPN for the next 15 years or so? I would doubt the contract lets the ACC shop the street for a new deal when ND is added. I hope there is a clause to because Swofford not fully shopping our rights is the reason we are in this mess in the first place.

    Ideally we add ND and get NBC to buy first tier rights like CBS with the SEC so they get their share of ND games but other games from the ACC are in their inventory and their money is split among all conference members. Worst case there is a bidding war and ESPN backs up the brings truck to have rights to all 12 ND games.

  • Yes we can renegotiate when our membership changes. Like it has. Fact is, one of the best things that could happen is that we get in a tif with ESPN and threaten to withhold. They could sue, but then we could tie this up legally and then open our rights to the highest bidder and shut them out. They don't want that. So they'll renegotiate.

    Further, we'd have ND at the table, not John GD Swofford alone and we'll force ESPN to give us the deal that we need.

    In fact, I'm rather confident that ESPN/ABC (or NBC / Comcast or FOX) could all help the cause by pitching ND on the TV deal that they'd get by joining the ACC.

    We've got the wrong guy driving the ship here. That's for sure.

    I sure as hell wish that we could force a vote of confidence on Swofford! It would help out, IMO.