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  • If you perform poorly at your job every year, you would probably lose your job, right? Its a business that you work for and you can't mix business with friends, because it always ends badly. So, I hope Frank comes to his senses sooner rather than later and understands that Kurt, O'Can't, and Stinespring will still be his buddies and that a business decision needs to be made for the good of the business. Frankly, if he won't decide on any coaching changes then I think that he needs to step down and walk into the sunset with respect before things get like FSU and PSU. Yes, I am upset we lost, but, I am not saying this because of todays lose. It is the same thing every year and Im sick of it. Think of what our team could have done with some of the talent we have had if we had a hint of an offense. Get rid of Ocain, Newsome, and Stinespring. Hire someone Frank does NOT know to revamp the offense and to tell Frank to piss off when he says to be conservative with his calls. Hire a real oline coach that DOESN'T zone block and go out there and play mean on the line.

    I read a lot of posts from people complaining about big time VA recruits who play offense going to OOS schools, mainly olinemen. How on earth could you ever blame them? They want to play in a real offense with an identity. Its time for a complete change on offense.