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Colorado St 88 Virginia Tech 52 F

  • Maybe its my lack of understanding of basketball, but when one talks of defense in basketball, it seems that if you cannon shoot (free throws, jumpers, layups, 3's), being able to play good D makes no difference other than keeping the score lower. 33% from the field will not win many games.

    Were there any real expectations for this team this year?

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  • Blame goes to the AD here... this is not JJ's fault. Team was torched by the timing of Seth's firing.

    Same AD that is going to assist with the football hires? I hope Beamer is running the show. Little or no hope if not.

  • The Hokies are not a bad team defensively but we do lack a true defensive "stopper" like we've had in the past with a Terrell Bell or Deron Washington. This team struggles to guard 1-on-1 in most cases and even last night, Green failed to help out on the weakside numerous times. That led to easy baskets and layups for Colorado State.

    With only 7 players and really only one player who can consistently do anything right, this team is going to have games like this. We're also going to have games like Oklahoma State where we play well and our guys hit key jumpshots.

    To me, our team is a momentum team. We're going to beat a really good ACC team or two at home this year. But we're also going to find a way to lose to BC or one of the lower tier ACC schools this year. I would expect inconsistency just because of the lack of players we have to turn to. The walk-ons are trying hard but they're just not good, at least not ACC level good, basketball players. That said, Beyer would probably kick my ass in a game of 1-on-1 so I can't say too much haha.

    The one big concern I have is going into next year, we're going to struggle big time if somebody doesn't step it up as a 2nd scorer down the stretch. We can't score without EG on the floor and next year, we won't have EG to turn to when we need a score.

  • So I guess we should fire JJ immediately.
    Some people need to get a grip on reality. You've got a team with 8 scholarship players playing a back to back game, after travelling almost completely across the country, against an NCAA tournament team with 5 starting seniors.
    Yeah, let's fire this coach, obviously an 8-3 record s&$#s.
    Of course, I wonder where this poster was while they were winning at the start of the season?

  • As Bob mentioned, it was the second game in as many days played at what equates to 11:30 p.m. for these guys. Should they have been blown out that badly? No. But most basketball teams go through stretches....good and bad. And the fact we don't have depth compounds the problems we'll face this year. If DFS and Harrell were on the team this year, the whole dynamic of this team would be different. JJ would have more depth and be in a position to do more things. As it is, while Green has been money the whole year so far, if at least three other starters don't step up, we'll struggle. Just a product of the numbers game. You don't remove the best rebounder on the team and take away an impact freshman and not feel it. I'm gonna root for these guys like crazy this year knowing they're gonna be up and down for most of the year. And I'm certainly not gonna write off JJ in the first part of his first season as HC. Does he need to work on the defensive end? Heck yea, but the lack of depth will have a negative impact no matter how much better we become fundamentally.

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  • Was right there getting my hopes up with the rest of us.

    This rant was not fair and was clearly out of frustration with the disbelief of what I was watching. We had a real chance to win this game when looking at how both teams had played up to this point.

    The frustration was that it had appeared that they had given up. Game was hard to stomach.

    There is as good a win on VT's Resume (Okie State) as this was a bad loss so will go with that.

    My apologies to the Board and JJ for my Captain-fueled rant. Not cool.

    VT is 2 of its last 5 and only one of those W's is to a superior team. Need to even that all up at BYU on Saturday.

    Go Hokies !