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ACC Reconfiguration Idea

  • Would MUCH rather go to the SEC, but in case we get stuck in the ACC - some ideas...

    The football schools would join together and form an alliance - give us what we want or we're all out! There are some good (and sometimes great) football schools in the ACC, if we could somehow make it so that our schedule included them every year and more often - would certainly make our schedule a LOT more appealing.

    1> VT and everyone else stays
    2> Maryland is replaced with only ONE team

    New Configuration...
    1> Cross conference rivals would be changed to better match up football strengths and rivalries
    2> 2 cross conference rivals
    3> Football schools would be given preference for the Notre Dame games
    4> Conference Championship would be moved on campus to the school with the best record, but would also take into consideration stadium size and sell out percentage - yea this is a little crazy, but need to avoid Wake, Duke, etc hosting the games
    5> Basketball - the football schools would give up some things on the basketball side

    VT Impact...
    1> VT would play CU and FSU every year - they would be our new cross conference rivals
    2> VT would play Notre Dame every other year - emphasis of ND scheduling would be on football oriented schools
    3> VT would play NC State every year - swap Duke and NC State, use Miami crappy record to get this done

    Negotiate a new TV contract - based on all the changes!

    Instead of the ACC spending all of its time gathering all the Big Least teams - why not make the best out of what we already have and reward the football schools with much better in-conference schedules?

    Feel free to shoot it down... :)

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  • i'd rather play a tougher ooc then face the best 2 teams in the acc every year. Would put us at an extreme disadvantage to get to the acccg. I know if we want to compete for NCs we should be able to beat them, but let's face it we haven't had a NC worthy team since 2000.

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  • Good point about the ACCCG, it would probably open it up to the teams that are not playing the tough schedules.

  • Agree with the first two assumptions as a starting point.

    I don't think either ND or the other conference schools would agree to ND just playing the "football" schools for a couple of reasons:
    1) MONEY. Playing ND at home almost guarantees a sellout and some schools that don't get them (sellouts) often aren't going to want to give one up.
    2) the "football" schools can change from year to year. Everybody thought Miami was the big football school when they came into the conference - how's that worked out? It would create a scheduling nightmare to try to keep them grouped together from year to year.
    3) Why would ND not want to pad their win column with games against weaker ACC opponents?

    I can see a realignment of the divisions based on the apparent addition of Louisville and I'd love to see them eliminate the permanent "crossover" opponent and then play 3 crossover games on a rotating basis. You should wind up playing each team in the other division twice in each 4 year period (home and home). Along with the 5 games in division each team would then play 8 conference games. In years that you don't play ND you can schedule 4 OOC games.
    One thing that this might (would) require is that the division champions are based on division record only because it would result in an unbalanced schedule.
    As for re-alingned divisionsmy personal choice would be:
    Miami, Clemson, Louisville, VT, Duke, UVa
    FSU, GT, UNC, Wake, BC, NCState

  • You seem to have left out the two awesome additions of both Pitt and Syracuse.

    Further - I see that we're going to a POD structure if we stick around and get to 16. I just don't see 14 as the hard stop. But what to I know. Moreover, the SEC and B1G, as long as they each have 2 slots (theoretically anyhow) open to get to 16 will loom over our conference like a war eagle (pun) just waiting to swoop in and pick off our members.

    Let's examine this from a football perspective. FSU is hurting and almost left once already. Our Raycom deal and sell out of rights to ESPN has not been a good thing for our conference. Meanwhile the B1G Network rakes it in for their conference. When the SEC follows suit - they're going to be raking it in as well. I mean, they already are - but they'll make even more.

    ND - has their own network deal as well.

    That's the way of the future. The conference controlling their product.

    We sold our soul to ESPN and Raycom and got nothing to show for it. It was a terrible deal in lieu of what could have been. Now, with Louisville, we're abandoning our academic stance to pacify our football schools (supposedly) who want better competition. My argument is that Louisville and WVU would have been much better additions than 'Cuse and Pitt in the first place. If you're going sell out - at least sell out to the teams which are going to generate the most revenue. I don't know that adding Louisville and WVU instead of Pitt and 'Cuse would have kept UMD, but I'd bet that those two - plus a REAL TV deal would have made this conference much stronger on the field and off. Now we're a watered down version of a conference with a footprint that has only increased travel costs for all non-rev sports while not really adding anything to the bottom line.

    Our Ivory Tower Guys have been keen on this being a bus league. (First off - C'mon) It's not. I defy anyone to drive from Blacksburg to Syracuse, or Miami, or BC, or GT, or Notre Dame - which, lest we forget is now an official member in all sports not named football.

    This conference 'leadership' is a joke and every day that our own administrators sit on their thumbs is another day wasted. I understand that they might wish to see what ends up with Maryland - but damn.

    Just go to the SEC and work out the payment plan as if it was $50 Mil. Then work backward from there. Y'all know the worst case scenario - plan for it and then mitigate your losses. Point being that we're going to make $5 to $10 million more per year by going to the SEC. Worst case, we pay back our losses in 5 to 10 years, and then it's all gravy after that. You all follow me. You structure your debt to be paid off by the increase in revenue from the new conference. This is a REVENUE NEUTRAL move AT WORST for 5 to 10 years - MAX. Then you're in the money and pulling away from these chumps forever after.

    Don't even get on me about the grant and research dollars and what could be lost from not being in the ACC. The point is MOOT. Texas A&M would be a great partner for us, as would Tennessee, as would Vanderbilt, as would Kentucky.

    If we wanted to keep with Wake - for example - great. There's nothing that says we couldn't.

    Last point - if we leave - we'd be going with NC State. There's ANOTHER research partner.

    THERE'S NOTHING TO WAIT FOR. Just GO. Grab a set and do it. The dream of a conference with UVA, Maryland, UNC, NC State, Duke and Wake is done. We now have 'Cuse and Pitt and BC and Louisville. It's not the same - and we're going to suffer as a result.

    There's a time to bail water and there's a time to get in the life boat. sinking FIGURE IT OUT ALREADY.

    soapbox [steps down]