Three stars: Maryland

Erick Green had 28 points for Virginia Tech in the Hokies' 94-71 loss to Maryland.

The first Atlantic Coast Conference game of the season for Virginia Tech produced a performance all too familiar to the Hokies over the course of the last three weeks. Maryland dominated on the glass and behind the arc, handing the Hokies a 94-71 loss to kick off James Johnson’s ACC coaching career. A few players performed well during the contest, however, and we look to try and highlight those performances.

Third star- Christian Beyer

In only 15 minutes, Beyer had a positive impact on the game. Beyer is one of the more fundamentally sound players on the team and when he came in, Tech went on a bit of a run. Beyer was one of the few that were actually able to rebound effectively against the Terrapins when he was in the game, securing seven boards and adding six points. With the role of CJ Barksdale diminishing by the game, Beyer looks to continue to see meaningful playing time. He deserves some recognition. Unlike some, he always appears to be going 100-percent and has an impact on the game.

Second star- Joey Van Zegeren

Van Zegeren’s performance throughout the start of this season has been a pleasant surprise and it was capped off with him making his first career start in his first career ACC game on Saturday. His assignment was future top-10 pick Alex Len and all things considered, Van Zegeren played a good game. He scored ten points, added five rebounds and made two impressive put backs, one dunk and one tip in, that would have never been something expected from the Dutch big man heading into the season. He still gets lost on defense on occasion and doesn’t have the best hands in the world, but he is contributing a lot of important minutes to the team right now.

First star- Erick Green

It’s almost too easy to make him as the number one star. He really could be the number one star every game. But the way the team is playing right now, he’s having to do it all by himself. Literally. He is getting no help. Robert Brown and Jarell Eddie are both playing like shells of themselves from the first seven games of the season and Green has had to shoulder the entire scoring load. What has that led to? Green scoring a lot of points, he put in 28 on Saturday, and also a lot of Tech losses. He continues to be in the top five in scoring in the country. Maybe if this team was a good defensive team or a good rebounding team, only having one scoring presence the caliber of Green would be enough, but with the current personnel group, it is not. More great performances like the one Green had on Saturday are going to continue to go to waste if he’s the only one on the team playing up to par.

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