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Hokie Nation, they need you

Oh what to do and say during a bye week. Of course Virginia Tech does not play Saturday, therefore I won’t have to spend tomorrow afternoon attempting to monitor my emotions. Bye weeks are always welcomed by players. It allows players to get caught up on school work, return home to visit family as well as check on their high school football team (Oh and how about those Crabbers!) Sorry I digress but this week I have been evaluating and reflecting on the positives and negatives of this season.

Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas can still lead this year's Hokies squad to the ACC Coastal Division title and a berth in the ACC Championship Game against Florida State, Clemson or perhaps even North Carolina State.

When I reflect on the season so far, I admit I feel both frustrated and optimistic regarding the Hokies. Surprisingly, the Hokies can still win the Coastal Division and the defense is starting to play like the defense everyone expected them be going into the season. However, the Virginia Tech offense has left many Hokie fans frustrated and disappointed. Like you I have read everyone’s comments on the Twitter and the message boards. I have seen many fans attempt to play offensive coordinator and offer their opinion on what plays they would run and what personnel the Hokies should use throughout the game.

Don’t we all have the solutions to the Hokies’ problems? Get rid of him. Sign this petition. Hire this guy or move the Hokies to this conference. I have read the various columns offering perspectives on why the Hokies are struggling as a football team. And I’m sure many of you have uttered sentences that have started with “what if”, “if they only”, or “why didn’t they” this season. It is obvious, players and fans are equally frustrated. Given the inconsistencies of the Hokies this season, it’s apparent Hokie Nation has experienced a range of emotions from don’t panic to this team won’t win another game.

Such emotions are understandable given the legacy of this program. The Hokies are a program that has grown accustom to winning and usually being criticized more for not winning the big game. Now this season we just want to see the Hokies become bowl eligible. Ultimately Hokie Nation will support their football team but when any team struggles, its expected they will have to deal with criticism. Of course I am not implying that fans don’t have the right to send emails, call radio shows, or tweet their dissatisfaction. You definitely have the right to be a fan and many of you have made some valid points regarding the improvements that need to be made with this football team.

I know after a win or a loss, I have dissected many plays, complained or listened to post game comments to see if I could get a specific explanation from a coach. But let me one of the first individuals to remind everyone reading this column, this team needs the Hokie Nation more than ever before. Don’t believe me? Go back and read my articles in which I interviewed former players (even articles that I wrote for a different site). Noticed how the players talk with admiration, passion and love about how much they loved playing for the Virginia Tech fans. Check out each article about a Hokie commit and read how he fell in love not only with the Virginia Tech campus but the fans. Even when I speak with fans of other teams, they remain impressed with how well Hokie Nation travels and supports the Virginia Tech football program.

I remember when I decided to attend Virginia Tech, many of my high school classmates and friends were puzzled with my decision. Maybe it was because I had offers from several universities to include Florida, Clemson, and Tennessee. Why are you going there? Where is Virginia Tech? Does VT stand for Vermont? I’m sure many of you older Hokies may have heard some of these same comments when you decided to attend Virginia Tech. But regardless of whatever you or I heard, I chose to attend Virginia Tech because I wanted to be a part of something special. We didn’t call it Hokie Nation back then but the loyalty from the fans was present then and remains present now. And the Virginia Tech football team will need your loyalty the remainder of the season.

How powerful is Hokie Nation? Many believe the Hokies were selected to play in last season’s Sugar Bowl because of the reputation of Hokie Nation. This is the same fan base that in 2003 refused to leave Lane Stadium despite a Hurricane blowing through Blacksburg. Hokie Nation you may not run through the tunnel or suit up to play but your intense loyalty is essential in helping this team finish strong in November.

Vick’s Viewpoints

-Here’s a quick trivia question. How many teams in the ACC have orange as part of their team colors? Don’t forget about Syracuse.

-Interesting during the preseason all the talk was about Florida State and Clemson winning the Atlantic Division. Yet if N.C. State can win out, the Pack will win the Atlantic Division. And I won’t even begin to try and break down the Coastal Division. Indeed this has been a very strange season. 

-Alabama might be the quietest best in country in history of college football.

-Don’t look now but the college basketball season is just about to start and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Unfortunately the college football season is almost over. College football is so exciting yet goes by so fast. Make sure you enjoy the remainder of the season!

That’s it for now and Let’s Go Hokies!

Dwight Vick @vick757

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